Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 7, 2017

CEO meeting in June 2017

On 29 June 2017, a periodical meeting for QTSC CEO Club was held at SPS Company with the topic on “Looking for and developing the replacement staff.”
Opening the program, the representative of QTSC had a brief introduction about QTSC’s activities in the last 6 months, such as rebuild gates, renew roads and implement solutions for management the park: bike share system, public lighting system, smart water and environment management system, which distribute to improve QTSC image as a modern technology park and pioneer in applying IT for managing environment.
In addition, QTSC has built up a supporting program for enterprises in implementing and researching IT applications in the fields: agriculture, biology, power saving, environmental management and so on.
Continuing the program, speaker Trinh Xuan Khanh, President at Golden Heart Consulting & Training Manpower, Chief Representative of Colorado Consulting Associates USA in Vietnam, shared his experiences on looking for, training and developing the replacement staff. The CEOs should recognize and choose some talents from all departments to train with the aim to use right the opportunities come, according to Khanh.
If you find employees have four factors: ambition, development motivation, high commitment to work, high disciplined - do not hesitate to train them well prepared for development later; if there are more of these qualities, hold them like a precious gem: always energetic, able to inspire people around, have a strong point to win, and have the ability to perform work quickly, accurately, he added.
After discussing, the CEOs want to create a “Leadership development forum” for members of QTSC CEO Club and VNITO Alliance to train the replacement leaders, with the experts were successful CEOs. Together with the general training programs, companies will have individualized ones for each individual on the model and development orientation of the company, and professional, foreign language, communication skill development.
At the end of the meeting, Vice President of TMA, Vice Chairman of VNITO Alliance Tran Phuc Hong also introduced about the alliance’s activities in the near future, the press conference “Vietnam – Asia Tier 1 Delivery Destination” on 20 July 2017, and the program VNITO Conference 2017 on October 19-20, 2017 at Quang Trung Software City.
Sharing experiences on training and developing replacement staff of speaker Trinh Xuan Khanh
The introduction about VNITO Alliance’s activities of Hong
Overview of the CEO meeting in June 2017
Source: Ngoc Hoa - QTSC