Thứ Năm, 25 tháng 4, 2013

Better services for enterprises

Nguyen Duc Hien, CEO of Quang Trung Software City (QTSC), elaborates on how the software park says that the park wants to be not only a dominant partner of IT firms.

Q: What is the motto of QTSC in supporting its corporate members?

A: Success of enterprises is success of QTSC. Our vision and operations center on this motto to better serve enterprises.

The driving ambition, also the mission, of QTSC is to create a vibrant information technology (IT) community not only in HCMC but across the country and to become a trustful partner for both local and international players.

Nguyen Duc Hien, CEO of QTSC

The first thing we must do is to prove that we are a faithful friend of enterprises. We think that when enterprises receive best support, they will feel most comfortable to develop business that contributes to setting up a vibrant IT community. And, of course, QTSC will grow stronger.

What QTSC has done to support enterprises?

Out service quality has been improved significantly, from infrastructure to Internet and services for living and entertainment activities. QTSC organizes meetings every month to listen to what enterprises say, complain and suggest so that we can improve our service quality.

What are the benefits for QTSC-based enterprises in gaining sustainable achievement?

First, QTSC has a complete infrastructure in addition to incentives in offices for lease, the Internet, communication system, stable power supply and standby power systems. Second, according to the city’s development master plan, QTSC is a hub for IT development. So, QTSC has so far become a rendezvous for various ICT enterprises, creating a chance for tight cooperation. Third, QTSC provides business support services such as legal procedures, brand and corporate image promotion, and partnership building and training.

QTSC is also a venue for IT events that create chances for enterprises to seek potential partners. We are also a good friend who can collect ideas from enterprises and report to the Government.

As you said one of QTSC’s advantages is building partnership with which businesses can seek cooperation. What would you say about this?

QTSC is a hub of local and international enterprises and organizations specializing in software research, development and engineering. Thus, the possibility to connect and seek business partnership among enterprises is high.

QTSC periodically organizes workshops for CEO Club, HR Club and Investors Club where enterprises have chances to discuss and seek collaboration – a good base for setting up a stronger IT community.

In this year’s first quarter, QTSC held the “Optimizing Taxes for Individuals and Enterprises,” “Creating a Green, Clean and Beautiful Environment” and “Chances to Access IT Markets in the U.S., Japan and Korea” workshops. On April 25 is the monthly CEO Club workshop entitled “Risks and solutions for IT and software firms.” All the workshops held by QTSC relate to issues enterprises are interested in. QTSC often works with local and international enterprises to run promotion activities, seminars and business matching events for potential partners.

Human resources play an important role in the IT sector, which requires both quantity and quality. What are your training programs designed to provide human resources?

To improve the quality IT human resources, QTSC has worked with universities and high schools to promote the passion among students. Our partnership with SaigonTech school to run the “Play with robot – Learn Pascal well” program is an example.

QTSC has also worked with the HCMC Youth League and SaigonTech to organize the HCMC Young Computer Contest over the past three years. In addition, QTSC hosts the annual iDay, a chance for students to understand how CEOs start business and how to impress employers.

QTSC has also opened the first free short-term IT courses for 580 learners. These classes are co-organized by Soongsil University (Korea) under the sponsorship of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). The program is aimed to help programmers improve knowledge and practices.

Such supports are aimed to make enterprises feel at ease. What else will QTSC do to better satisfy enterprises?

In the current economic turmoil, helping business overcome difficulties is very important. I think legal procedures, import and export, personal income tax and corporate income tax are what really counts.

  One-stop Service
In 2012, the One-stop Service Center of QTSC received 114 customers’ application for service support such as investment certificate registration/consulting, permanent residence registration, visa/passport, APEC cards and temporary import for re-export procedures. In the first three months of this year, QTSC provided services for 43 requirements of customers, mainly related to temporary import for re-export procedures. All these services were free of charge.

Source: The Saigon Times Weekly