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CEO meeting in August

On August 30, 2016, with the topic on “Save energy – Protect environment” the periodical meeting in August of QTSC CEO Club was held at hall 3, Quang Trung Software City.
QTSC’s power consumption in 2015 up to 25% compared to 2014. As forecast, by 2016 the increase will reach almost 30% compared to 2015. For this reason, QTSC worked along with businesses to launch a movement of energy saving and environmental protection in order to increase awareness of the staff and students who are studying and working in QTSC, according to Mr. Lam Nguyen Hai Long, CEO of QTSC.
Through the meeting, CEOs agreed on sticking decal icons all the buildings, companies in QTSC with content: Save paper: Print only if necessary; Save electricity: turn off electronic devices if not necessary; Air conditioner: set the best temperature (25°C as advised); Instructions on how to wash your hands in restroom; Turn off the air conditioner 15 minutes before leaving.
Also, Mr. Tran Phuc Hong – Vice president of TMA Solutions presented some experience in the programs of energy saving at the company. It has currently optimized several procedures by putting them up online, applied technologies in management as well as held smart office competitions to build up good habits and corporate culture, Hong said.
For the environment protection, from March 2016, QTSC has implemented the program on “Together for a green QTSC” with following results:
- Mobilizing nearly 200 participants from businesses, schools together clean up lots, roads in the park
- Placing 20 communication symbols at buildings, cafeterias, parking lots from June to September 2016
- Replacing flower beds, ornamental plants and 37 trees along the roads. 45 trees have planted in the central area. (As planned, it is completed in the third quarter)
- Adding 20 trash cans in the park
Hopefully, with the practical programs such as "Together for a green QTSC," "Save energy - Protect environment," it will create great culture and habits, as well as improve the working and studying environment with the green, clean and smart criteria in QTSC.
Source: Ngoc Hoa - QTSC

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